Noxious Customs
Noxious Customs is the Premiere builder of  Oldsmobile engine headers

Oldsmobile Stockies headers Our "Olds Stockies" are designed to fit most stock applications for Oldsmobile engines 303, 324 and some 371's.  (some w/accomodations for stock generator)

Oldsmobile Shorty Headers Our "Olds Shorties" are  designed as a more universal style header to work in most non stock applications for Oldsmobile 303, 324 and some 371 engines.

Oldsmobile Stubie headers Our "Olds Stubbies" are our 350-455 Oldsmobile headers for tight non stock style applications.

Custom Order Page We do custom orders. Click the contact us link to get in touch with us and we will get you all the information we can.

Contact us If you have any questions after checking these headers, please contact us.